Presented by the Navy SEAL Foundation

An athletic Fundraising event Inspired by the Navy SEAL PST (Physical Screening Test)

Presented by the Navy SEAL Foundation

What is The Challenge

The TEAMWORK Fitness Challenge is a Navy SEAL Foundation athletic fundraising event inspired by the Navy SEAL Physical Screening Test (PST). The Challenge consists of the following exercises:

  • Max pull-ups (pre-event)
  • Max push-ups (3 mins)
  • Max sit-ups (3 mins)
  • 3 mile timed run

While the event itself is an individual effort, the intent is to partner up with a buddy to count repetitions and motivate one another on the run, in the team spirit of the SEAL community.

Get Involved

  • Participate and fundraise
  • Create a team
  • Be a company champion and engage multiple teams

  • Volunteer
  • For more info: Click to Email Us


San Diego

October 16
Pier Plaza Imperial Beach


Starting October 2021
Anywhere in the World


We encourage people to form teams to help with fundraising, and also leverage their existing teams (like companies and corporations) to host an event or otherwise participate. The intent is also for everyone to sign up with a buddy* to perform the various exercises (one works, one counts). This is in keeping with the spirit of “swim buddies” during SEAL training.

* We will have volunteers available to count for those who may not have a buddy.

There is a section on your bib to record the number of push-ups and sit-ups completed at the end of the three-minute time period. This section of the bib will be handed to volunteers to be entered into the scoring system.

Pull-ups – Overhand grip, dead hang start, chin over bar, no kipping.


Push-ups – Feet together, toes on the ground, hands shoulder width apart, start at full lockout, down to touch chest to buddy’s fist and back up.


Sit-ups – Cross arms on chest, shoulder blades touching the ground, knees bent, touch arms to thighs, and back down, buddy can hold feet.


For the sit-ups and push-ups you and your buddy will alternate performing each exercise. Your rest will be the 3 minutes you are counting for your buddy. There will be a 10 minute break before the start of the 3 mile run.

Max dead hang pull-ups will be a pre-event activity. There will be a section on your bib to indicate that you have completed the pull-ups and enter your final number.

Participants make a $25 donation to register for the event. Then, they are encouraged to set up a fundraising page to give others an opportunity to support the NSF. When you raise $100 or more, you earn a TEAMWORK Fitness Challenge official t-shirt and your $25 registration fee will be credited toward that $100.

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